Pastor Letter - 06/09/2020

June 9, 2020

Dear CFBC Family,

On Monday night, June 8, the Executive Board of Liberty Baptist Association met in a special meeting at Beech Springs Camp for the purpose of calling me as the new Associational Missions Strategist, formerly Associational Missionary. The call was unanimous, and I did accept the position. Therefore I’m submitting my resignation as Senior Pastor of CFBC effective no later than June 30, 2020.

Our church is a member of this association, so my family intends to continue attending here. There is no other church in our city that we want to attend. Rebecca wants to continue working with children and Noah loves Brother Colby and wants to remain active in the student ministry. My new responsibilities will require me to be away most Sundays, but I will continue to serve as I can in support of our new pastor. I will never interfere with him and the ministry God leads him to perform here.

My pledge to you is to use the resources of the Liberty Association to assist CFBC in any way possible during this interim period. Please see me as your missionary to South Arkansas and beyond. I will always cherish these nearly 7 1/2 years the Lord allowed me to serve as your pastor.

Respectfully submitted,

Wade Totty